Monday, 4 February 2013

Well January has beeen a busy month.
We have started the year with a bang. from the day that we reopened the office we were on the run.
Firstly two young Interns from GBGM arrived, they are at the beginning of a year with us here in South Africa and will be working with rev Pierre Naude in Tzaneen.
Then team arrived from Church of the resurrection in transit to Malawi.
Rev Ketshabile and I then travelled to Tzaneen to take the two interns Michelle and Rebekah to Tzaneen and to get them settled in there.
The COR team then arrived back in South Africa, with three of the ggroup staying here while the rest eturned to the U.S.A.
Rev Cayce Stapp with Elisha Velez-Makar as well as Rev Ketshabile and I then travelled to Bloemfontein vis Welkom to look at venues for the training that will take place in June in conjunction with M.C.S.A. and COR in the the NFS&L and KNB districts.
We then travelled back to Johannesburg COR group went on to Durban for the dedication of a church in the Clearpine circuit. they then travelled to East London from there, I then met them on Monday morning in East London. We then met Bishop Noqayi and travelled to Mooiplaas to look introduce the COR group to the project.
We then all travelled back to Johannesburg and the Americans then on to the U.S.A.
Now a little time to breath as we plan for the rest of this year, which at this point promises to be a busy one.
Well all for now I will continue to keep you all informed of the life of SAMVIM.