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Project list and teams 1989-2010


PROJECT LIST, 1989-2010

Updated 1 April, 2010

BEACON RIDGE METHODIST CHURCH in Mitchell's Plain was constructed with a team from Kansas City, Missouri in November 1998, with the help of one of SAMVIM's brick layers, Joseph Lusenga. In August, 1999, a work team from Oklahoma City helped the local society paint the interior of the church, hang doors , and install a much needed wheelchair ramp at Beacon Ridge.

LWANDLE METHODIST CHURCH AT SOMERSET WEST has been under construction since 2003 with help from various Volunteer in Mission Work Teams from the Oklahoma Conference in the USA. Two to three teams per year help with the construction and help with local aids and sewing projects in Lwandle.

St JAMES METHODIST CHURCH PROJECT IN BELHAR, CAPE FLATS: Teams from Moody Memorial Methodist Church in Galveston, Texas and the Missouri West Conference in Kansas City, Missouri visited Cape Town late in 2006 to help construct this much needed community center in Belhar Section of the Cape Flats.

DuNOON METHODIST CHURCH: In March, 2008, A work team from the Louisiana Conference and the First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge, under the direction of Larry Norman and team leader, Mike Owenby, helped local church members with the installation of a roof for a church under construction in Du Noon, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. They also helped paint the interior walls of the church and held the first service of celebration with the congregation at the end of their trip. The Louisiana Conference has supported South with a number of visiting teams during the past decade.


CONCORDIA METHODIST CHURCH SOUP KITCHEN opened in 2005 after being constructed with local work teams and a work team from Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The team not only helped construct the soup kitchen, but also helped paint two crèches in the neighboring areas. The team from Nashville was led by Rev. Steve Bryant, Director of the Upper Room Ministries.

HORNLEE CHURCH PROJECT, CONCORDIA SECTION OF GRAHANSTOWN DISTRICT: Funds from the Scandia Foundation in the USA were used under the direction of Volunteer in Mission Coordinators, Midge and Betty Mitchell, during 2002 to build this much needed Community Building. For almost 80 years the Hornlee Society met in homes and for the past 15 years they worshiped in the basement of the Anglican Church. The new building will not only be used for church, but also for HIV/Aids education, drug abuse counseling, family support, and crime prevention alternatives. A soup kitchen, adult literacy classes and an advice bureau is also planned.

JOHN MASIZA METHODIST CHURCH IN THE WALMER CIRCUIT: May and June, 2009: A team from the Oklahoma Conference under the direction of Rev. Jeremy Basset, helped construct a church at the John Masiza Methodist Church in the Walmer Circuit of Port Elizabeth. The team led by Rev. Robyn Thomson-Goggs and Rev. David Croninger who has been to South Africa 4 times previously on mission trips not only helped in the construction of the John Masiza Church, but also held a day camp for children who have lost parents to the Aids Pandemic.


MOOI PLAAS MISSION STATION, March, 1993, SAMVIM volunteers help erect steel structure to be used as a barn. More recently, July 1999, a youth team from Bergvliet Methodist Church painted the barn and participated in the activities at the Mission Station.

KEI MOUTH CIRCUIT PROJECT involved the replacement of a roof on the church at Kei Mouth in the Queenstown District. A team led by Bonnie Laycock from First United Methodist Church of Wichita, Kansas helped Rev. Gareth Syncock replace the old roof in June, 2001.


MAMOSA METHODIST CHURCH AT BOTSABELLO was built with a work team from Kansas City, Missouri in September 1995. Most of the funds for building their church came from the Missouri West Conference and most of the work of finishing the church was done by the local society under the direction of SAMVIM representatives.

SEMONKONG HOSPITAL repairs done in February and October, 1993 with teams from Benoni and Durban.


ZUELETHU METHODIST CHURCH in Umlazi hosted a work team from Durban North Methodist Church in November, 1993. The team repaired the gutters and replaced facia boards on the church.

THEMBAKUYE METHODIST CHURCH at Kwahlongwa, near Mandini erected the walls of a church up to window height. In June, 1994, a work team from Texas joined work teams from Durban and the local community to enclose the vestry of the church so it may be used for a sanctuary.

JOHN WESLEY SCHOOL AT PINETOWN was the site in July, 1994 for a work team from Texas constructing a much needed classroom with the help of the Pinetown Methodist Church and local parents.

MTHANDAZO METHODIST AT kWANDENGEZI was built with funds received from the Kloof Methodist Church and a work team from Manning Road Methodist Church in November, 1994
FOLWENI METHODIST CHURCH AT UMLAZI was constructed in May, 1995 with a team from South Carolina and help from local church members. A combined team from Durban North Methodist Church and Manning Road Methodist Church help with the installation of the roof in June, 1995.

SHAKAVILLE METHODIST CHURCH started a creche with foundations dug and cast by a youth team from Kearsney College in July, 1995. The local society finished the work of building the structure.

MANGUZI CHURCH AT KWANGWANASE , In August, 1995, a six member work team from Empangeni, Richard Bay, Durban, and Pietermaritzburg installed a roof over a 12 X 25 meter structure started by the church 4 years before. Local funds and local church workers helped make this project a success with subsequent work teams from the Together in Mission Teams helping in the casting of the floors and installation of a communion rail.
ZWELETHU METHODIST CHURCH AT UMLAZI, In March and April, 1996, Saturday work teams from Umlazi and Durban North helped with the addition to the Zwelethu Church by erecting a steel structure and installing roofing on this church extension at Umlazi. Most of the "finishing up work" was done by the local church members with SAMVIM supervision.
ZUMAT AIRPLANE HANGER PROJECT. In May and June 1996, local work teams from Richards Bay Methodist Church and Durban helped in the preliminary work before a work team from an organization called Hands Around the World in the United Kingdom arrived to erect this hanger, which was completed to 75% in just three weeks. Subsequent work teams from Westville and Pinetown Methodist Churches helped in the casting of the floors and driveways.

MCO SIDEWALK PROJECT, In August 1996 a couple of SAMVIM volunteers helped cast the sidewalk at the MCO offices in Durban

VERULAM METHODIST CHURCH, Repairs to the roof of the Verulam Methodist Church were carried out in 1997 with SAMVIM Volunteers and local church members, saving the local society over R100,000 in repair costs.

THEMBAKUYE METHODIST CHURCH AT Kwahlongwa, Mandini is completed in June, 1997 by the same Texas team that worked on the vestry two years before. Local church members finish installation of windows and doors, cast the floors and plaster the building.

MANSE ADDITION TO MUSGRAVE ROAD METHODIST CHURCH. The enclosure of a porch at the manse is carried out by a SAMVIM work team adding much needed living space at a reasonable price.

PAHAKAMISA SCHOOL PROJECT IN PINETOWN: This project was visited by Glazebury Methodist Church from the U.K. in March of 2006. While their primary goal was to unload a container for the John Wesley School which was sent previously, the team helped with local projects at the school.

THORNWOOD PROJECT, CLERPINE CIRCUIT, KWAZULU NATAL: Rev. Ian France has identified this project as a need in the Clerpine Circuit and raised enough funds to purchase land and erected a steel structure. In November, 2006, a work team from The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas helped local volunteers in the construction and funding of the church.

EMMAUS CHURCH AT ST WENDOLINS IN CLEREPINE CIRCUIT: July, 2009: A team from Church of the Resurrections in Leawood Kansas volunteered in Pinetown, helping to build furniture for the Emmaus Church at St. Wendolins in the Clerpine Circuit. They will also help paint the Marriann Ridge Methodist Church in the Clerpine Circuit. Church of the Resurrection has been sending annual teams to Durban to help Rev. Ian France build and develop churches in the Clerpine Circuit.


A TEAM FROM SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY’S PERKINS SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY IN DALLAS, TEXAS, led by Drs. Evelyn Parker and Joerg Rieger in January 2008, visited the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg where they looked at the role of women in the church during the post-apartheid decade. The Perkins Global Theological Education Program prepares pastors-in-training to lead congregations in culturally sensitive, competent and effective mission both within and outside the USA. The program offers significant immersion in cultures other than those of the participants and students gain first hand experience in building intercultural relationships and learning from others with a different life experience and outlook.

CENTRAL METHODIST MISSION hosted a work team from Georgia in the United States in October, 1996 and much work was done in restoring the workers accommodations on the 6th floor of the downtown Johannesburg Methodist Church Building. Presiding Bishop Mvume Dandalaville joined the work team on a Saturday morning and helped the team with painting.

DIEP SLOOT METHODIST CHURCH PROJECT: Bryanston Methodist Church purchased a piece of property in Diep Sloot in hopes of starting a Community Church. Services started in the 4 car garage on the property. In 2001,The Hydraform Block Company sold their machines to 9 countries throughout Africa and needed a place to bring delegates for much needed training. SAMVIM helped coordinate the project to bring 24 trainees to this site to help teach the block laying skills required by this “dry stacking block system”. SAMVIM later stayed on to finish the project with local volunteers.

DIEP SLOOT COMMUNITY CENTER: In 2004, a youth team from James Madison University (Wesley Foundation), in Virginia visited Diep Sloot and helped to erect a steel structure that would later become a Community Center, feeding over 1000 local people per day when complete. During the first phase, a 19 X 48 meter structure was completed using the Hydraform Block System and local people were trained by SAMVIM in the skills of brick laying. Phase 2, an additional 19 X 48 meter structure was completed by a commercial company.

EBONY PARK CHURCH AND COMMUNITY CENTER PROJECT: In May, 2002, SAMVIM helped Calvary Methodist Church in the construction of this much needed community center in the Ebony Park section of Tembisa township. Calvery Methodist church in Midrand has helped in a number of projects in Ebony Park including a computer training course and a crèche for preschool children. The building was started by SAMVIM and a local builder was hired to finish the project by the end of May 2002 for Synod to be held “on site”.

YOUTH TEAMS FROM AUSBURY METHODIST CHURCH IN PENNSYLVANIA VISIT LICHTENBURG: Each year in January, the Ausbury Methodist Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania send a youth team to Lichtenburg, west of Johannesburg to conduct bible studies and youth camps for the local children. The Vacation Bible School activities are conducted on a farm owned by Derek Matthews, a local farmer who has converted his old milking barn into sleeping facilities for the campers.

THE ALBERT STREET REFUGE SCHOOL IN DOWTOWN JOHANNESBURG was visited by delegates from World Missions Possible located in Clear Lake, Texas in July of 2008. Roxane Richter and Dr. Tom Flowers met with Bishop Paul Verryn to look at this school which opened its doors recently to accommodate children of the more that 800 refuges from Zimbabwe that sleep in the Central Methodist Church in downtown Johannes burg each night. Over 600 school textbooks were collected from the Rotary International School Textbook Program in Bedfordview and steel tables to be used for desk were also purchased by World Missions Possible. Ted Warnock from the United Methodist Commission of Relief (UMCOR) lead a work team from Germiston the following weekend to help build bookcases and additional desks. In 2009, funds were raised to renovate the bathrooms and room divisions were done for additional classrooms

CRECHES IN IVORY AND EBONY PARK SECTIONS OF TEMBISA TOWNSHIP received a team from Huntsville, Alabama, led by Anne Forgey. Anne and her church has been supporting the crèches financially in the past and wanted to help paint the classrooms and conduct Bible School at each of the preschools during their stay. The team also participated in a celebration of 14 years of service to the community.


FERNIE METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane constructed with workers from the Con Roux Company in Dunswart and local societies in March 1989. This was our first project under the name of SAMVIM.

DIEPDALE METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane built with a team from Trinity United Church in Kempton Park using materials salvaged from the Fernie site in April 1989.

GLENMORE METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane built with a work team from North Carolina in January 1990 with preliminary work done by Trinity United Church in Kemption Park and later repaired by SAMVIM after wind storm damage.
MOOI PLAAS METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane initially started by the Boys Brigade in Benoni in May 1990 and finished by the local society.

KROOMDRAI METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane built in July 1991 by teams from Trinity United Church in Kempton Park in cooperation with the local society.

SON VALLEY METHODIST RETREAT CENTER at Delmas, refurbishing of cabins in June, 1990 with work teams from the Fathers Ministry at Northfield, Benoni and workers from the Con Roux Company in preparation of the first Walks to Emmaus in South Africa.

JOHN WESLEY SCHOOL AT MPULUZI, Kangwane , Phase 1, consisting of three classrooms, kitchen and ablution facilities constructed with a work team from North Carolina and local work teams of parents and school children in March, 1991. Phase 2, four additional classrooms completed in February, 1992 with work team from North Carolina assisted by a team from Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni.

ELKUWATINI METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane constructed in September, 1991 with a work team from Kansas City, Missouri, with help from Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni and the Con Roux Company.
SWALLOWS NEST METHODIST CHURCH in Kangwane built with used materials from a train station demolished by the Con Roux Company in July, 1992. Work teams from San Diego California and Trinity United Church in Kempton Park were used along with the local society in the construction.

KATLEHONG METHODIST CHURCH uses SAMVIM volunteers to finish Sunday School Building under the direction of Joseph Lusenga, a builder from Kangwane.
ORANGE FARMS CHURCH EXTENSION AND PAINTING PROJECT undertaken by team from the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church in America. Foundations for the vestry and kitchen were started by a work team led by Jon and Lisa Lord in July, 2001

TJAKASTAD METHODIST CHURCH AND COMMUNITY BUILDING PROJECT: The Tjakastad Methodist Church in Kangwane, built by two teams in August, 2002 was dedicated in June, 2003. One team led by Mack McKinney from Wyoming (and team members from San Diego, California) started the brick work which was finished by another team from South Texas led by Walter Herbst. Local workers were training in brick laying skills, by Jospeh Lusenga, SAMVIM’s official building contractor and volunteer instructor.

WATTVILLE CHURCH PROJECT, BENONI CIRCUIT: The Wattville Society is growing at a rapid pace and they have started a church expansion program in the fast growing community. In 2002 J.P. McGuire led a work team from the California Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church in America to help with the construction of this community building. Aids training, counseling and community health programs are scheduled to begin here once the building is complete.

AMSTERDAM METHODIST COMMUNITY BUILDING: A work team from Louisiana Tech University, Wesley Foundation, spent the month of June helping to build a new church/community building at the Kwa Thandeka Township near Amsterdam. The team of 29 students and faculty joined a team of local volunteer workers that were trained on a SAMVIM project at Tjakastad in 2002. The old stone church at Amsterdam was condemned previously because it was considered unsafe to occupy. There are still hopes to restore the old building that has been declared a National Monument by the Historical Society of South Africa.
ZENZELE DAY CARE CENTER PROJECT IN DAVEYTON: J.P. McGuire, from the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church in America, led a work team to Daveytown Township in July of 2003 to help build this day care center that is also used as a church on Sunday. The American team was joined by a volunteer youth team from the Charles Wesley Church in Daveyton and together they were able to help erect the steel structure and start laying the bricks at this much needed community center. Prior to the team’s arrival, the Father’s Ministry from Benoni Central Methodist Church helped dig and cast the foundations for the footings.

LEONDALE METHODIST CHURCH: An African American work team from Baton Rouge, Louisiana helped cast the floor on a church expansion at Leondale in June, 2004. The team stayed in the homes of the local people and developed close relationships with the society members. Many of the team members also helped in the crèche which will occupy the premises once the building is complete. Also in 2004, a work team from Louisiana Tech University, Wesley Foundation, in Louisiana helped with the construction of the church.

BETHSAIDA METHODIST CHURCH IN KATLEHONG: A team from the First United Methodist Church in Round Rock, Texas helped the local society finish off this church in Katlehong by building a bell town and entry hall in July, 2004. The team also helped conduct sewing classes and worked at Khanyisile Aids Clinic located close to Bethsaida Church.

HARTBEEKOP METHODIST CHURCH PROJECT IN KANGWANE: Once again in 2004, Mack Mckinney led a team from the Wyoming and California-Pacific Conferences to build this church in Kangwane near Oshoek. Foundations and the steel structure were previously done with a work team from Trinity Springs Methodist and Benoni Methodist Church. Volunteers from other parts of the Kangwane Circuit also helped on the project. Volunteerism is becoming a way of life in the Kangwane Circuit with many volunteers available on each project.

ST. MARK’S RAPE CRISIS CENTER IN DAVEYTON was constructed with a team from First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in March of 2005. The confirmation class from Benoni Central Methodist Church helped install trusses at the project later in the year.

KHANYISILE CENTER FOR ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN has been visited by many overseas work teams, namely the Ohio Wesleyan University in 2005, the Wesley Foundation from McNeese State University in 2006, The First United Methodist Team from Round Rock Texas in 2004 & 2006, and the Louisiana Tech Wesley Foundation Team in 2004. Teams usually help with construction projects or spend time with the children. Home visits to aids patients are also allowed with supervision and guidance from staff.

BALFOUR METHODIST CHURCH PROJECT: The Broadmoor United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana sent a work team to work in the Siyathemba township at Balfour, south east of Johannesburg in October, 2005. The Broadmoor team was joined by a youth team from Trinity Springs and local church members who finished casting the floors and laid bricks up to approximately 1 meter in height around the entire building. A bible school for the local children was held in the old church building during this time. In April, 2006, trusses were built by work teams from Benoni and Balfour. Later in the year, a work team from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana helped install the trusses with the help of the local church members.

THE A. S. NGUBENI METHODIST CHURCH IN KATLEHONG was extended with the help of work teams from the First United Methodist Church in Round Rock, Texas in 2004 and with a work team from Peachtree City, Georgia in 2005. While part of the teams help with the construction, others help teach sewing classes in the church.

THE SHADY GROVE METHODIST CHURCH IN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA sent a work team to South Africa in June of 2008. The youth work team of 15 stayed at Epworth Children’s Home in Germiston and visited the AMCARE Aids Center of Faith, Hope and Love in Alberton. They visited aids patients with care givers and helped dig vegetable gardens in the Tokoza Township South of Johannesburg. The also visited the Akani Kids After School Care Center in Diep Sloot Township north of Johannesburg, in the Central District, which is a project supported by the Bryanston Methodist Church.
LONMGELETJANE SCHOOL IN SWAZILAND was the project of a visiting team from the First United Methodist Church of Round Rock, Texas in July, 2008. The team of 5 led by Kelly and James Voorhies helped local people install a fence around the perimeter of the school property and build classroom dividers for the classrooms. They also helped paint classrooms at Black Umbulzi, a school north of Manzini.

AMCARE AIDS CENTER IN ALBERTON: In September, 2008, a team from Blue Ridge Parkway Methodist Church in Kansas, Missouri sent a work team to work at AMCARE Aids Center in Alberton. The team visited aids patients with the care givers for the home based care units and helped AMCARE officials assess the project. Rev. Ken Lutgen from Blue Ridge Church has visited South Africa many times in the past and is supportive of our work in Southern Africa.
KHANYISILE AIDS PROJECT IN KATLEHONG: January, 2009 : A Youth group from Asubury United Methodist Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania visited Lichtenburg, South Africa to conduct a Vacation Bible School and youth camp in this rural tribal settlement of the North West Province called Deelpan. The primary vision for the mission was "to provide a safe, accepting Christian environment through living in a camp-based community in order to lead campers to experience Christ, accept Christ, grow in Christ and go forth in Christ". The 2009 mission to South Africa was one of the best attended camps over the five year period the Asubury church has been participating in this program. The experience has not only transformed the people of Lichtenburg and Deelpan, but also the visiting team members. The team also worked at Khanyisile Aids Clinic in Katlehong where they helped paint shipping containers used as HIV/Aids offices.
LOMNGELETJANE SCHOOL IN SWAZILAND: May, 2009, A work team from the Louisiana Conference and Munholland United Methodist Church, under the direction of VIM Director, Larry Norman and team leader, Rev. Janet Cavalier, helped local church members dig foundations for a teacher's cottage at Lomneletjane Methodist School in Central Swaziland Circuit. They also helped paint the classrooms and the newly constructed toilets at the School. A bible school for the children was also held at the school. The Louisiana Conference has supported South Africa with a number of visiting teams during the past decade and SAMVIM sent two work teams to help the Munholland Church is their restoration after Hurricane Katrina in 2006.
LOMNGELETJANE SCHOOL IN SWAZILAND: June, 2009, A work team from Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee finished casting the foundations and started the block laying of the Lomngeletjane School in Swaziland. The team of 23 lead by Rev. Steve Bryant continued the work started by Munholland the month before. The team consisted of 8 adults and 15 youth from Nashville. Local youth from Lomngeletjane assisted in the casting of the foundation. Wind break trees were planted and a fire break was established to protect the trees and the school. Landscaping was also done around the toilets and school buildings by team members.
BULEMBU MINISTRIES, SWAZILAND, 2nd July to 20th July 2009: A team from the Boulder Creek UMC in the California/Nevada Annual Conference, under the leadership of Rebecca Perry, visited an old mining town in Bulembu, Swaziland where they held a Vacation Bible School and worked with the children and families of the community. Bulembu is an old asbestos mining town that has been converted into a Christian village by Bulembu Ministries. More information about the team and the Bulembu Ministries can be found on the following website by Chris McLain:
TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH FROM SPRINGS (SOUTH AFRICA) sends work team to Swaziland: A group from Trinity Methodist Church in Springs went over to Mahamba in Swaziland for a week in July, 2009 with 21 young people (age 15 to 22). Their main goal was to expose their youth to foreign mission opportunities, and begin to stir within them a passion for doing God's work. They spent every day at the Mahamba High School, bringing devotions at assemblies, leading worship at lunchtime, preaching messages of hope, teaching sport and cultural activities, holding organic vegetable growing workshops, and presenting every student with a bible. They conducted leadership workshops for potential leaders and also built 12 bunk beds for future teams.



KASANA METHODIST CHURCH started in February, 1994 with the digging of foundations by a South African youth team . Another youth team from South Africa arrived in July, 1994 to erect the steel structure and was joined by a youth team from Mocambique. The church was later finished by the local society.
BUNICA METHODIST CHURCH was started in July, 1995 with a work team from South Africa. In July of 1996, another youth team from South Africa joined the local society to help with the block work.

CAMBINE MISSION STATION was visited with a team from Kansas City, Missouri in August 1997 and again in 1998, when repairs were made to the dam that was destroyed by the rebels during the war. Since that time, regular visits are made by Missouri and Texas Volunteer in Mission Teams.

MAPUTO CENTRAL CHURCH was painted in July, 1999 by a team from South Africa. SAMVIM regularly coordinates mission trips to Mocambique during the July holidays.

CHOKWE CHURCH PROJECT: In 2003, a twenty member work team from Trinity Methodist Church of Springs and Benoni Central Methodist Church helped construct a new sanctuary to replace the old thatch roof structure that was destroyed by the floods of 2001. A steel structure was erected and concrete blocks used to build a stronger building. Local church and community members spent many nights on the roof of the old structure waiting for the food waters to recede.

AUDIOLOGY TEAM TO MOZAMBIQUE: Each year in July/August, an Audiology Team led by Dr. Jackie Clark of the University of Texas at Dallas conducts hearing tests for students at Chicuque in the Northern District of Inhabane. In 2005, 3900 students were tested and 1177 were identified with hearing disorders. Ear molds were made and hearing aids along with extra batteries were dispensed. Also local Audiologist were trained to continue the work of the team in their absence. We are happy to help facilitate these teams to Mozambique that provide a much needed service.

QOKOLWENI YOUTH HOSTEL PROJECT built in 1998 under the supervision of SAMVIM with a work team from Bryanston Methodist Church helping in July, 1998. Funds from the Methodist Church of Germany used to construct the hostel.

MVUZI YOUTH HOSTEL PROJECT also built in 1999 with supervision of SAMVIM and funds from the Methodist Church of Germany. Both of these youth hostel were built using the new Hydraform Block Machine concept involving the dry stacking of blocks made from soil at the work site.

DANDALAVILLE METHODIST CHURCH rebuilt after being destroyed by a tornado in January, 1999 under the supervision of SAMVIM. Donations from Edenvale Methodist Church, Bryanston Methodist Church, and the South West Texas Conference were used to supplement the meager payout of the insurance company of R18,000. A work team from Prestbury Methodist Church recently install the window glazing. Discount Steel of Pietermaritzburg donated the installation charges of the steel structure.

GERMAN WORK TEAM TO PORT ST. JOHNS helped work on a church under construction. Steel structure erected previously was used and brick walls were erected by youth team in March 2001.