Friday, 23 November 2012

Thursday, 15 November 2012


We have been quiet over the last while but will from now post regular updates of some of the work that SAMVIM is involved in.
We are in the process of setting up a new old project in the Queenstown district. The project is the Mooiplaas project which is situated outside of East London.
The project was originally stated in the early 1990's.
Although over the last number of years it has not really done much.
The M.C.S.A. Mission Unit in partnership with the Queesntown District and the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City U.S.A. are looking to restart the project, so that it can again benefit a community that is need of a project of this nature.
The project will looking at farming and look at best practice models. It will also look to get community involvement in the farming and maketing of the produce that will be grown on the site. They will also be looking to start chicken farming on the site.
The local community are looking to renovate the rondavels that are on the property so that they can be used as a rettreat centre. This has already begun with one rondavel in the process of being renovated, and the others will follow as finances become available.
Eventually we will also be looking to teach skills that can be used by folk from the local community, skills such as brick making and laying carpentery and others.
The project is at present in it's infancy, but we are looking to the future.